Welcome to our website dedicated to an actual problem – CYBERBULLYING!

This website was created by Tereza Ondráčková and Monika Vlachová as an additional material for their preventive peer program which is concentrated on the problem of cyberbullying and online risks. It promotes the program and offers its participants to find there some extra information about this children’s menace.

This website consists of advice not only for children but also for their parents and teachers.
Photo: Tereza and Monika

The main themes are:
  • What is cyberbullying?
  • How to avoid it?
  • What should I do if it happened to me?

It also shows different aspects of children’s online behaviour and explains the most usual examples of online attacks. Here you can also read various articles which are connected with computers and being online. There are many tips what to do, how to protect your internet accounts etc.

What can you do on our website?
  • LEARN many new things about this expanding problem.
  • WATCH some illustrative videos created by us and our friends which briefly show the main examples of cyberbullying.
  • FIND many links to other useful and interesting pages or materials which are worth seeing.
  • READ various articles about performing our preventive program in different primary schools, different types of online risks etc.
  • WRITE us a message or a comment.
  • DOWNLOAD our informative leaflets (write on our e-mail and we will send them to you).
  • BOOK our preventive program for your class.
Your authors, Tereza and Monika:)